A Little Ray Of Sunshine

After the miserable weather and constant heavy downpours I was grateful to get out in the garden today in bright warming sunshine. Its days like this that I appreciate the sun and warm weather, rather than constantly moaning that I am too hot. I know the crops and garden needs it but im not a sun worshipper anymore, not now that im all grown up and in my 30’s! Dont get me wrong I like the sun but I dont like the heat. I shade worship now.

Not much to do at the moment veg wise, everything is winding down. We hope to grow alot more next season, this year was really an experiment to see if we could manage to grow anything at all. Crops that were successful enough to feed us a couple of meals were peas, carrots, potatoes, tomatoes (although I didnt think much of the variety) and french bean. Failures were aubergine, runner bean, one bell pepper managed to grow to the size of a golf ball and our chillies did not ripen in time so I guess they are a failure also.

The plan is to plan more rather than growing things on a whim and hoping for the best. Early days yet, so much to learn and so many more mistakes to make. As long as we learn from them its ok. Wish we had done it years ago!

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