I have always wanted to keep chickens and never thought I would be able to. I mean, chicken keeping is for country folk right?…. Wrong! So many people these days are getting in on the act and clearing an area in their suburban back garden and plonking an eglu or ark in it.

We collected our very first hens on a cold April morning from a car park full of people waiting patiently with pet boxes and crates. Odd you may think but this was an organised rescue meet and becoming very popular thanks to programmes and personalities on TV such as Chicken Out and Jamie Oliver for example.

The 6 ladies in question are all ex battery hens rescued from their tiny cage after spending 12-18 months doing very little other than eating, pooing and laying. They have been with us now for nearly 5 months and its been a joy to care for them and watch them learn to do chickeny things like scratch and flap, peck and dustbathe. In fact they spurred us on in a way to get involved in being more self sufficient, to get out there and dig the soil so to speak. So whilst watching them learn about their new lives, we have learned a great deal from them about ours!

2 thoughts on “Chickens

  1. Liking the new blog!!

    You know, I was abosolutely horrified the other day to see someone advertising rescued battery hens in a private add. They were asking £30 for them!! I really hope it was someone who had rescued genuinely and then couldn’t cope, and not someone just trying to make a profit!!


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