Non Starter Runners

Our runner beans have been a bit of a disaster this year, probably for 2 reasons. Firstly I sowed them way too late only for the bean seed to be gobbled below soil level, so our daughter (having more determination than I) potted up some new beans and voila they sprouted. Then I took over and planted them out and it all went kind of wrong from there. Well I blame the weather, ok ok a combination of my failure to get them sown on time AND the bad weather. Am I getting away with it?!
Well I was all ready to throw in the towel earlier this week and dig the stringy-lanky-lazy-buggers up, they deserve it they have not produced one bean, plenty of pretty flowers but no beans. Just before they were about to meet their maker I noticed some very small pods forming right at the very top. Maybe my constant moaning and fist waving at them has done the trick, I dont know but its very odd. I have been keeping the outside lights on longer at night than usual to help guide me in the dark whilst locking up the chicken coop after the hens have gone to bed. I wonder if the extra light or the heat from the bulbs has caused this sudden urge to produce? Either way I dont think the pods will come to much now.

2 thoughts on “Non Starter Runners

  1. Well they proved me wrong! We have beans now and probably more to come before the first frosts. Yay!


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