Spent Hens?

We have been keeping a record of how many eggs per month our hens are producing, with surprising results. In May they produced 171 eggs, and also the same total for June. July has been the record so far, 179. August they produced 161, a couple of blips here and there but still a steady amount. They have laid a staggering 790 eggs to date including April and the first half of this month. This is obviously far more than we need to feed our family of 4 so the eggs have been gratefully received by family, friends and neighbours. We have swapped them for vegetables, given them away as gifts and sold a few at the gate.

Spent hens? I think not!

3 thoughts on “Spent Hens?

  1. Wow your hens have done well. I only have two rescues, so I get no where near that number of eggs. One of my girls has been poorly on and off and doesn’t lay well at all, not that I mind, but the other lays like a crazy thing!! I’m sure she’d lay twice in a day if she could!


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