Sunshine and Cleaning

Another warm sunny day today so we spent most of it in the garden smallholding doing the cleaning out chores. Rabbits first and then on to tackle the chicken coop. The overnight poops are cleaned out every morning along with a quick check of the nest boxes to see if they have been soiled. They are cleaned if need be so the coop is pretty much a straight forward job when the full clean out is due. Thankfully the red mite that made an appearance during the short hot spell this summer have well and truly cleared off, so we are continuing to use Diatom powder and Poultry Shield as a preventative measure. Luckily we realised quite early that red mite had moved into the coop so they were not too difficult to get rid of. Next spring / summer we will know what to look out for and how to treat if they decide to make an appearance.

We have noticed that the change in weather and season (its been autumn for a while now hasn’t it?) has slightly affected egg production in the last few weeks, but still plenty of eggs to provide the family. This will be our first winter of chicken keeping and we are yet to see if all our hens stop laying completely during the coming months. Hopefully winter will be mild to make up for the wash out of a summer!

One thought on “Sunshine and Cleaning

  1. We had eggs all through the winter from Henny and Ginger, but they were not ex bats..they were POL in June so were in their first full year..

    This year they have laid less consistantly and I suspect we are in for less eggs….although they ARE still producing around 24 a month at the mo….

    However Babs and Goldie ( new 25 weeks old Rhode Rocks) are doing their stuff every day!

    and Cathy the ex bat is obliging with 25 eggs last month….

    so no need for us to buy eggs at the moment…I wonder what it will feel like if I *do* have to buy some? haven’t had to do that for 18 months now……


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