That Autumnal Feeling

Its official, Autumn is upon us. I love the feel of autumn, the colours and the freshness of it. Autumn makes everything pop out at you and make you take notice, like morning dew on cobwebs for instance. I am up with the larks to let the hens out before they start shouting for me, and this morning the dew covered cobwebs put on a spectacular display, twinkling and sparkling in the morning sun.

Our vegetable garden is winding down to the point that we have nothing left to harvest, the only veg looking at all respectable are unripe chillies and runner beans, trying desperately to produce something before the frosts come. The last of the carrots have been dug up and enjoyed and I only wish that we had been a little more daring with the amount sown. I spent some time this morning casting my eyes over the veg or rather lack of and making plans in my head whilst cradling one of the bunnies. Our neighbours must think I have lost the plot.

The hens all produced today and I had to wince at the size of Rose’s egg, what a whopper. Still, at least breakfast is covered.

4 thoughts on “That Autumnal Feeling

  1. We have only 2 now but had around 18 at one point! We have a Dutch and a Dwarf Lop here, both really lovely temperaments and our childrens pets.


  2. Hi TGS!

    I got your mail and zoomed over to see before I got the kids ready this morning!

    Nice layout, excellent photos and great reading!

    Yeah our vegetable patch has been left a bit too much – but then we aren’t actually living in our new place yet – so that’s our excuse.

    We’ve had a few runner beans, potatoes, beetroot (my fave), onions, tomatoes, rhubarb, tayberries and raspberries so far. Not in any great amount, but then we’re only ‘playing’ at it this year – once we’re in we’ll make a concerted effort to grow things properly plus we’ll have more time to do stuff.

    Love the new blog,



  3. Hey Stiggy!

    Thanks for reading and commenting. You did better than us this year with the veg. You will do wonders with the new plot when you do move in, im so jealous!



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