October Harvest

Its not much I know but very satisfying all the same, especially as I did not think we would get any runner beans this year due to my failure to sow them on time, whoops. We hope that this time next year we are harvesting a bit more produce, rather than one big bang all at once in the summer. Planning is the key, this we need to learn and fast.

The hens all layed today, the white egg belongs to Dolly. Lily’s eggs are the deepest brown so again very easy to spot, whatever she produces needs to be thrown away for the time being, which feels awful to do but totally necessary. The chillies are a tad yellow but they do ripen once brought indoors into the warmth. We used one last night and it gave off alot of heat, perfect.

2 thoughts on “October Harvest

  1. Love your new header – looks great. I really must get onto designing one myself or (more likely) getting my husband to do it! Glad you got some beans. Ours are coming to an end now although I have enough in the freezer to last me until…. well, a long time!


  2. Mmmmm lovely! I love the way the eggs are different colours. I’m still puzzled by my youngsters, I think I still only have one laying after four weeks!! The one I know is laying lays very white eggs, so I always check the colour to see if there is a new one, but only slight difference detected so far. I think I may have some duds. Unless they are just so confused by the weather!


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