Wet Weekend

Most of our time spent in the garden smallholding this weekend was finding ingenious ways of keeping the chickens dry and out of the high winds due to the lashing from the great British weather. The chicken’s enclosure is 6ft high and although it has a wire mesh roof, it does not have roofing sheets. This is one project that has had to take a back seat for the time being for one reason or another.

You would think the chickens would go inside the coop to escape the worst of the weather, but seeing as they choose not to the girls now have a makeshift shelter which is dry and draught free. It is basically a wood frame screwed together with tarpaulin over the top and 3 sides. They have soft straw down on the floor and their feed bowls are easy to get to. This works for now, but I really cannot wait to get a roof on the run!

3 thoughts on “Wet Weekend

  1. My lot stand out in the rain too!…even though they have shelter they don’t use it…

    Was a bit worried as even the chicks were out in their run rather than staying inside, and Sweetiepie was obviously bothered as well, judging by her body language and “bok bok bok” to the chicks…she rounded them up and shoo’d them back inside eventually…

    Silly things, aren’t they :-)


  2. This is something that is on my to-do list also. My girls have a small area under the run but often seem to stand out in the rain! I heard one quack the other day, I’m sure of it!


  3. I think its a battery chicken ‘hang-up’ – ours are the same, I think it’s that they haven’t learned to keep themselves dry. I’m hoping that one day the novelty of getting drenched through will wear off them!!


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