8 thoughts on “Monster Egg

  1. Crumbs! THAT IS a big egg! What did it weigh?

    I keep trying to add your blog to my blogroll, but for some reason Blogger won’t put you up…I wonder if it has an issue with Wordpess?

    Anyway, I will keep trying as I want you up there with all the other blogs I like to visit!


  2. Im not sure what it weighed, but I do know this is not quite as big as some she has laid ! Thankyou for trying to add our link, much appreciated and we are glad you like the blog. BTW we used to be Little Veg Patch on blogger ;)


  3. Ah HA!

    I THOUGHT I recognised the “cast” !!

    I still can’t put up your link even though I have other woodpress blogs up with no problem? I shall have a play and I *WILL* get you up on the list …I promise…


  4. Success!

    Wretched Blogger…I had to make a whole new blog list and re populate it , starting with your blog, for it to work! how annoying is Blogger….

    was that why you moved?


  5. Oh my! Sorry to have caused you so much work, thankyou so much.
    Blogger was ok for us, never had any problems with it but we prefer wordpress for ease of use really.
    Thanks again, much appreciated !


  6. Don’t worry it didn’t take long! I found it wasn’t just your blog, I couldn’t add anyone else, either!

    and I hadn’t reached some magic limit or anything…strange…

    Anyway you are on there now. :-))


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