Toads and The Old Potting Shed

Our decision to keep the rotten old potting shed that we inherited 9 years ago when buying this property was a wise decision, it serves the local toad population with somewhere safe to cool off in the summer months, and best of all somewhere safe to hibernate over winter. We hardly keep anything in there now and Ivy has creeped its way in through a gap in one of the broken windows.

Toads are always a welcome sight in our garden, they keep the slug and snail population under control which is great for us because we do not use slug pellets. Its that time of year again when toads and other forms of wildlife will be looking for somewhere to hibernate, the old potting shed will serve them well.

4 thoughts on “Toads and The Old Potting Shed

  1. Nice post about the toads…we have masses of them here and in Feb have to leave the car at the gate after dark to avoid squishing amourous toad couples on the drive ( triples …multiples..they are quite rude I am afraid!)

    We have a 20 x 40 m pool right next to the drive and they mate then wander off to spawn in the pool…its great! and I have a couple of resident toads in the Polytunnel in the spring…who eat slugs..

    I have to watch the hens don’t get them , tho’…..

    Well done on keeping the shed, I bet the birds like the ivy berries in the winter, and the insects love the blossom in the spring.


  2. I don’t know about anyone else but I really quite like toads. Our garden has some wonderfully squidgy places to hide that seems to attract them. Unfortunately my bad kitties like them too and often harrass them if they make a discovery in the undergrowth.


  3. We like toads too, occasionally we see the odd frog here and there but mainly toads here.


  4. I ued to love toads, then I moved to North Queensland and here they are a pest, much like your harlequin ladybird, displacing our local wildlife.


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