Frosty Mornings

Another dusting of overnight frost sparkled at me this morning, the last two days have been particularly chilly here. The weatherman reported that it was going to be around -3 last night, so I spent a bit more time than usual yesterday afternoon making sure that the hens coop was well prepared with extra bedding to at least try and take the sting out of Jack Frost’s forthcoming nightshift.

After letting the hens out early this morning I was greeted with cheery bop-bop clucks from happy hens, totally oblivious to the cold it seemed. I watched them for a while, scratching around merrily in the warm barley straw that I scattered around the enclosure as I clutched my hot cup of tea, trying to keep my hands warm. I think the rest of this week is going to be pretty much the same, good job the hens can cope with the cold better than I do.

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