Tough Old Birds, The Morning After Bonfire Night


I spent most of last night worrying myself sick about the hens while the fireworks were whizzing and crashing around, and im sure I was not alone. Our dog does not bat an eyelid at fireworks, in fact he seems to rather like them. I have always said he was wasted on us and should have been a working dog. Our rabbits have seen it all before, if the fireworks get too loud they happily hop into their bedroom department of their hutches and sit it out, but the hens I was very worried for.

I let the girls out earlier than usual this morning, purely because I was fretting about what I would find. All sorts of scary images flashed through my mind, I took a deep breath and opened the pop hole… worry was all in vain! They all barged their way eagerly out of the coop like they always do and started eating and scratching around in an instant.

Its amazing really how tough ex battery hens are, but then again I guess they have to be considering their past lives. I did expect their egg production to be down or of poor quality due to the trauma of the fireworks today but again I was wrong, all six hens laid and not one soft shelled egg amongst them.

They truly are tough old birds!

7 thoughts on “Tough Old Birds, The Morning After Bonfire Night

  1. I’ve just stumbled across your blog from the chickens tag. I’ve got 3 Black Rocks, I was quite worried about them last night, but we closed the door on their Eglu (which we don’t normally do) and they seemed to be perfectly fine. Only one’s laying so far and she still gave us an egg this morning.

    Been reading through your older posts, really fab photos.


  2. Its amazing how resilient animals can be. I think thats great that your girls are doing so well over all. I feel so bad for chickens that have to go through what they did. Good job on saving them!


  3. @Welshpurpletree, thankyou for visiting our blog. I (Karen) have this habit of wrapping our hens in cotton wool, I think its because of the rotten life they had before but they keep proving me to be nothing but an old worry guts, which of course I dont mind ! Thankyou for your comment about the photos.

    @ Dowhatyoulove, thankyou for visiting our blog. Our chickens have really come on leaps and bounds, they are a total joy to have around and its very rewarding watching them change. Thanks so much!


  4. I think you show perfectly normal levels of concern for the girls Karen….. ;- 0

    not that I can talk..dragging my shingles ridden body to clean out hen runs… and cuddling hens today….

    Seriously…why do you think I have not sent Genghis hen for the chop so far? because she is an ex batty and so I give her a lot of excuses, to make up for the crap way she has been treated by my fellow species members…… :-((

    Although…she IS now protecting all the others, if she sees a buzzard she shouts for the chicks to run for cover! so

    You are NOT a worry guts, you are just a good hen mum….



  5. How nice to find some hen mums out there in Blogland! I have 6 of my own and I just love them. Ruby, Katie, Doris, Thin Lizzy, Victoria and Cocky Bastard.
    Bonfire Night seemed OK with them too and they all trundled out the next day just fine.
    Eggs too!
    Do you find that when you are with your hens you can completely relax? I just love it.
    Thanks for your post!
    Will come again if I may.


  6. Thanks for visiting ladybird world mum, I do indeed find the hens very relaxing to be around! Love your hens names, especially the last one ;)


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