Internet Connection

We are now in our new home, the move went smoothly which was amazing really seeing as we had so many animals to transport! Getting back online has proved tricky though but hey ho it seems to be working now. We will have to play catch up for a bit but hopefully it wont take too long, lots to do and blog about and so many great blogs we have missed reading I see we have been tagged too by Little Slice Of Life

Apologies for not completing your tag yet, we will try and do it as soon as we can, thankyou for thinking of us.

4 thoughts on “Internet Connection

  1. Great to hear you are getting settled into your new home! I look forward to hearing of your moving adventure.


  2. Thankyou dowhatyoulove, the move went pretty smoothly, although our car resembled a farmyard by the time we arrived at our new home, I was covered head to toe in wood shavings because our chickens decided it would be a good idea to dustbathe in their travel pen!

    Thankyou for the welcome Lucy, it has been a long time coming but we got there in the end!


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