Jobs For Winter and Wildlife

Brrr sure is chilly outside and the weather report predicts heavy snow fall which is going to make it tougher for wild birds and other wildlife to find food. One of the first tasks we took on in our garden since move in day was provide the wild birds with feeders of seeds and nuts, fat balls and drinking water. The previous owners of our house fed the birds, we made sure the supply did not end, the birds rely on it now especially as the ground has been frozen solid for the past week or so. For our efforts we have been rewarded by a display of hungry beauties feeding regularly.  A territorial robin defends ‘his’ patch with such passion, the little soldier. A squirrel pinched all the nuts by breaking the netting, I watched him or her carrying the nuts over to the wooded area to bury for the winter months ahead. I dont mind,  plenty of food for the birds and the squirrel needs to eat too!

From all the wild birds that have visited so far, I think the award for the most beautiful to the eye goes to the trio of male pheasants that drop by everyday. I realise that they are interested in our hens, but they also feed on the dropped seeds which saves me a job next year weeding! Another job/project that has now been completed is fitting a roof on the chicken run, joy oh joy the girls stay dry during the wet weather, and I also stay dry whilst attending to the everyday chickeny tasks that need doing yay!

At the very end of the garden (where the vegetables will eventually be grown) is an old and neglected apple tree which to be honest is in a bit of a sorry state. It is in need of a good pruning, hopefully this will give the tree the pick-me-up it so badly needs. I just hope we are not too late to save it. Speaking of vegetables, I would have liked to have at least made a start on digging out some new beds but the ground has just been so frozen solid that I have given up for now. Some ground needs to be cleared of overgrown brambles, but these are going to be left till late spring just in case hedgehogs or other hibernating creatures are tucked safetly inside. Not all of it will go, we plan on leaving a wild patch, also some blackberries!

Apologies for the lack of photos, I have only just got my camera equipment back from my parents who were looking after it for me during the move, there was no way I was allowing it to go on the removal lorry.

4 thoughts on “Jobs For Winter and Wildlife

  1. It’s freezing here too, no snow though. I love watching the birds, we have a robin, lots of tits and sparrows, and we have a squirrel now and then who’s buried the hazlenuts from our tree all over the garden.

    I’ve tagged you for a Tree of Happiness Award, have a look at my blog to see what you need to do (only if you want to, of course)


  2. Thankyou welshpurpletree for the award and tag, I promise to get around to doing it as soon as I can ;)


  3. Ooh, an apple tree – lucky you! I dream of having an apple tree but sadly space doesn’t permit at the moment. Good luck with the pruning – I hope you can save it!


  4. Sounds like you have a wonderful space. Even though its a lot of work getting a new yard in shape, its a fun process to make it your own. I bet you will have a great spring working on that!


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