Frosty Pheasants


Another visit from the pheasants, two males this time normally there are three. They peck at fallen seed from the bird feeders. I think they are just magnificent birds and I feel so lucky to watch them feeding in our garden. The photos were taken through a closed bedroom window, if I had attempted to open it I would have scared them away, and they make such a noise when they are alarmed.


8 thoughts on “Frosty Pheasants

  1. They really are beautiful birds. I have a friend in Cumbria who has a pheasant regularly visit her bird table – the table is right by the kitchen window and she puts the food out on it by opening her window. The clever pheasant has cottoned on to this and when there’s no food on the table it sits on the window ledge and pecks the window!


  2. Beautiful photo!

    I love pheasants, we have a couple of cocks and a hen who live in the garden and every year the hen produces 20 or so chicks…..

    Unfortunately think they all get eaten by Kitty Cat, though :-{


  3. Such handsom birds! It looks like your a little chilly there. Hope everyone is staying warm and cozy.


  4. Thanks everyone. I have noticed how brave they are, especially when they know food is plentiful. It sure is cold here, moving from a city to a small rural village has been a shock to the system with regards to the weather! Brrrrrr


  5. Amazing photo that top one…

    …even more amazing you took that shot THROUGH a window!

    Did you use a tele lens?

    We have Pheasants come through our garden a lot – been dive-bombed a couple of times, while being bombarded with a cacophony of squarks etc.



  6. Hi Stiggy, thankyou!
    The lens used for that shot was a 70-200mm L, nice piece of glass ;)


  7. Wow what beautiful colours, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pheasant up close. Not something I ever expect to see in my garden, you are lucky.


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