Red Faced and Appleless

Calling all tree spotters – We need a tree identified please!

Let me explain. It seems that the neglected apple tree that we thought we had at the end of the garden is not an apple tree after all, according to a neighbour. But, that leaves us rather stumped (no pun intended) as we do not know what the tree is. Serves me right I suppose, getting all ahead of myself and assuming that it was an apple tree because next door has one that looks similar to ours but tons healthier and with apples on (oh the shame)  bah, im so gutted!

So, all we know is we have a crusty looking tree that failed to leaf this year (when we viewed the house at the end of summer I remember the tree being bare) and it seems for many years according to the neighbour. So what is it?  



11 thoughts on “Red Faced and Appleless

  1. I have been told it could be an Elderflower……? Whatever it is, its not wanting to do very much.


  2. Oh, poor you – no apples! No idea what the tree is – if it is Elder though (and you can revive it), you can make lovely things with both the elderflowers in summer and the elderberries in autumn. Mmm, elderberry wine……


  3. I am almost certain this tree is an Elder. I have given it a good pruning, now we shall wait and see if it helps to revive it.


  4. Well if it doesnt pull through, and you have to take it out eventually, maybe an apple tree was meant to be there, because thats how you pictured it.


  5. We are defo going to get some young apple trees, it would have been lovely to have a mature tree but sadly thats not to be. We are trying to decide which ones, so much choice!


  6. my vote always goes to Ashmead’s Kernal with Elstar and Herefordshire Russet as close second choices – the tastiest apples I’ve ever eaten! I’ve just persuaded my mother to plant an AK as we don’t have room…


  7. There is an apple that a local orchard grows called the honeycrisp. I really dont know what the availability of buying these trees are, but they are the best apples!!! My parents have a nice collection of apple trees here on the property, and I think the honeycrisp would be a great one to add to the mix.


  8. I plan to get a couple of Worcester Pearmain’s which sound delicious although apparently don’t keep that well. Mind you, if they’re that delicious, this won’t be a problem. I have Grand Plans to grow them as ‘stepovers’.


  9. Thanks Thursday for your comment. During my decision making I have noticed that quite a few apples do not keep too well, but like you I plan to gobble them quite quickly hee hee. The hens love apples too and amaze me how quickly they can get eat one.


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