Fruit Trees For A Micro Orchard


After a few days of researching endless varieties of apples and other tree fruit we have at last made a choice of two apple trees, for the time being anyway! We have so far chosen Cox’s Orange Pippin and Discovery. The Cox is self fertile so it does not require another tree to produce a crop, but it could produce a better crop with a pollinator nearby. Discovery on the other hand does need a pollinator, the Cox should fit the bill nicely as they are both in the same pollination group.

We are aware that Cox’s Orange Pippin is known to be temperamental, but because the flavour is so highly praised its got to be worth a try……besides Rich would sulk like a girl if a Cox did not make the final wish list. A variety of plum called Marjorie’s Seedling has also made it onto our wish list, a culinary and dessert plum of rich purple. We did think about a Victoria but decided we would prefer a purple plum instead – a personal preference of ours. We are still undecided about a pear tree but Conference looks like the most likely choice so far. It is a partially self fertile tree so we should really plant a suitable pollinator, but our neighbours garden (which exceeds half an acre) is planted with numerous plums and apples so we should get away with just the one tree. Well thats the plan anyway.

A large section of our garden which is particially overgrown at present (due to be cleared in spring) is where our micro orchard and large vegetable garden will finally reside. Cant wait!

3 thoughts on “Fruit Trees For A Micro Orchard

  1. That sounds like a very lovely selection of trees. The plum sounds most yummy right now! Thats the hardest part about planting the trees, is waiting for them to produce their first good crop.


  2. I have planted several cox orange pippen – the first I left behind upon moving (before it produced) . . . I’m lucky to live ~ an hour from a fine heritage & unusual fruit nursery (One Green World), & got a 4 way tree that inc. cox O P again – & also Spitzenberg, which was ‘thomas jefferson’s favorite apple’ I love it, too! It doesn’t produce each year. The french apple did best on that tree (it’s still pretty young!) this year.

    Good luck with the trees! Such fun to plant them. I love currents, & got a couple of those from OGW as well, & some sea berry bushes :)


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