Chicken Knickers

There is something very cute about fluffy chicken knickers. In fact I find myself  photographing chicken knickers a lot when the girls are sporting a nice pair. Over the past 8 months I have built up quite a collection. Ok, this makes me sound very odd indeed now so I shall end this post here and leave you with some of my favourite fluffy knickers images! Hope you like :)




Dont you just love em!

7 thoughts on “Chicken Knickers

  1. hehe! I am so glad that someone else out there appreciates chicken knickers. I tend to call them chicken bloomers. I love them too! We have a couple cochin girls that have especially nice bloomers on right now. I am always talking to the chickens, and love to tell them how fine they look today in their little outfits. I know some people just wont understand, but something just happens when you have a fine group of chickens.


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