The Good Life

Mrs N

This photo was taken on a warm summers day in August. This is Mrs N, an ex battery chicken who not long ago could only dream of a day spent cooling herself in the dirt, eating grass and insects whilst the sun warmed her feathers. I love this photo, particularly because Mrs N was in such a state when we met her. She has since grown into a confident and happy little hen, just as the other girls have.

I wonder what she was thinking……I wonder if she remembers anything about her battery cage life……hope not.

2 thoughts on “The Good Life

  1. Very charming photo. The sad thing is when they are living their life in their little cages they have no concept of what they are missing outside, because it is something so foreign to the way they have been raised. I suppose that could be a good thing too though, because even though they arent happy in their cages, they dont know what they are missing…… but she does look like she is in such peace there in her little patch of grass and dirt. So nice! I have looked for places around here in the states that would do chicken rescue, and no one does. A couple animal shelters have unwanted roosters, but nothing like ex battery hens….. wish I could rescue some hens, its so amazing to see the transition that your girls went through.


  2. Thankyou so much for your comments.
    Alot of people who rehome ex battery hens comment on their natural instincts kicking in not very long after being rescued. Its a sad thing to witness, because I guess it makes you wonder if their miserable existence has indeed been spent longing for what they have never experienced. Hope that makes sense? I really hope your right and that they dont miss what they dont know.


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