Quick Tree Update

A while ago I blogged about a neglected apple tree that turned out not to be an apple tree but still a neglected tree regardless. Still with me? Ok, well after examining said tree and pruning hard it came to our attention that the tree was past saving. Basically it was rotten to the core, badly decomposing and not in a good way at all. My dad cut it down for me today, what was left of it will be used for firewood. I feel a bit sad but we will be replacing the tree with many others soon so I suppose this should counteract the negativity. I HATE seeing a tree felled but sometimes I guess it has to be done. Bah!

2 thoughts on “Quick Tree Update

  1. Its all part of the process, and when you can use it for another purpose then it has not gone to ‘waste’, although it would never go to waste in any case, because something would feed off of it or use it as it decomposed. Enjoy the warmth that the wood brings you as your thanks to the trees life.


  2. I know what you mean about feeling sad – I hate to see anything chopped down (I even get sentimental about weeds sometimes!) but, as dowhatyoulove points out, it is all part of the process and now you have plenty of room for some lovely apple trees!

    Have a wonderful christmas.


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