One thought on “Happy New Year 2009

  1. As I see it New Years resolutions dont work simply because people are living one way, and this one time each year they make all these promises that are so different than the way they live on a daily basis it makes it next to impossible to stick to them. The real trick is to treat each and every day as a new year. Start out with small simple resolutions, things that you can accomplish, then you will get used to the feeling of reaching a goal you set. Then you can start working into those big things. One example millions of people say each new year is “I’m going on a diet” they start this whole new way of eating, and fall off the bandwagon after a week. The real trick for that one is to start changing your diet slowly, you will find that you start eating healthier, and then slowly, and healthily the pounds will start to melt away……
    So happy new moment everyone! Here is to setting your goals, and accomplishing them!


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