First Snowfall Of The Year


At last it has snowed. I awoke today to see clean fresh unspoilt snow covering the garden like a blanket. The flakes were falling fast and furious and were big and fluffy, gorgeous! It has been so cold the past few days and nights that I have been surprised that the snow did not come sooner. I took Jason our dog outside with me while I tended to the hens, he had a great time running around and trying to eat the snow. I love snow paws and as you can see from the above photograph, Jason is a big boy! The hens were spared cold feet, they have a roof on their enclosure so the snow did not make it inside, they seemed quite interested in it all the same. I will let them out to free range a little later, this will be their first experience of snow.

Of course our children J & J could not resist coming out to play too, snow and children are a match made in heaven. I think its the only time they do not complain about being cold!

J and J-playing-in-the-snow

By this time the snow was getting pretty wrecked, I love freshly fallen snow but its a shame not to enjoy it. The wild birds will find today pretty hard to find food, so my next job was to refill the feeders after their feast last night. I also scatter seed around for the larger birds. The Pheasants in particular do well out of me, at the last count there were 4 at one time feeding from the ground.


The weather forecast predicts more snow, perhaps there will be enough to build a snowman next time?

9 thoughts on “First Snowfall Of The Year

  1. Hi, I’ve only recently discovered your blog and it looks as though I did so at the right time… how much fun everyone seems to be having!

    No snow here, just a thaw which has cheered my chooks and pigs up no end. A bit too soon for me as I haven’t yet got the replacement wellies so it’s another soggy-foot day for me.



  2. The Dorkings have never seen snow and were fascinated!

    All the chicks ( well they are nearly adults now!) ran around flapping their wings and then peering intently at the white, cold stuff…..


  3. How exciting! It is always a little frustrating when all you get is a dusting, if it is going to snow, it should snow! hehe. I’m glad everyone enjoyed it!


  4. I wish we had some snow, we hardly ever get any in Cardiff. I was hoping for a white Christmas in Yorkshire but no luck.


  5. Hi, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment.

    I love snow, so are my dogs. They could spend hours outside playing in the snow if I let them.
    Your pictures are very nice!


  6. I just visited your ‘about’ page, and got to see that lovely photo of you. Its always fun for me to be able to put a face to the personality! I really enjoy visiting your site Karen, its been a pleasure to get to know you in the blog world!


  7. Thankyou everyone :)
    Dowhatyoulove – Thankyou for your lovely comments *blush* its a pleasure getting to know you and visiting your blog also x


  8. Where has Karen been? I keep eagerly checking in at your blog, and am saddened each time to not see any new entries. Perhaps life has been keeping you busy. I hope you all are well, and making it through the winter months staying warm!


  9. You beat me to it! I have a post lined up, been very busy redecorating the house. Thanks for checking hope your well too xx


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