The Vegetable Garden and Orchard -Well Eventually!

Apologies to The Garden Smallholder readers lately (especially Do What You Love) for my lack of posts. Aside from my love of the outdoors, gardening and our small scale smallholding, I am in fact a dab hand at decorating. I can now be found most days head to toe in dust, paint and old wallpaper scraps. Attractive huh?

Our bedroom was crying out to be redecorated. I thought I could live with the way it was for at least a little while longer than I have, but my hands started getting that itchy feeling. I could not help myself, before I knew it I had grabbed the stripping knife and the hideous wallpaper was no more. All the walls have been stripped and I am in the process of getting them prepped. The other chore was to removed the polystyrene ceiling tiles. I have aches and pains in the muscles of my arms that I never knew existed. The ceiling is in a bit of a mess now so it needs to be skimmed over by a plasterer at some point when we are feeling a bit flush. Its going to cost a fair few pounds but the end result should look great and far safer than having a fire hazard above our heads! Trouble is I have started eyeing up our sons bedroom. OK, I have gone past the eyeing up stage and whipped the wallpaper from the walls of that room too, but you already guessed that right?

Anyway, on to the garden smallholding which im sure is far more interesting than my decorating woes. I grabbed my camera from its dusty shelf on Sunday and took some snap shots of how the vegetable garden and mini orchard looks now. As you can see its all very messy indeed. I would dearly love to get the ground cleared but im so afraid of disturbing hibernating animals. That would never sit easy with me, the death of a hedgehog or some other poor creature from my doings would really upset me. Good things come to those that wait as they say, so wait I shall.




I think its hard to visualise from these photos and angles how large this area is, it will take some back breaking to get it looking anything like a vegetable garden and orchard let alone plant anything. I guess that’s all part of the excitement. In a strange sort of way I am glad that we did not inherit a beautifully planned, planted and well tendered vegetable plot when we bought the house, because then it would not really feel like ours. Its not all doom and gloom out there though, the main garden is beautiful and has been very well cared for over the years, but there is still plenty of room for us to stamp our wellies all over which is nice. No, its the last section of the garden that we have dedicated our little dream of the good life to that needs all the help it can get.

The sheer hard work, passion and determination to get at least something in the form of a vegetable or fruit tree in the ground this year is all there, bubbling away inside of me. I pray it will be possible, the photos shout “You need a miracle!”

The good news is I have managed to secure offers of help from some big strong lads in the form of my father, brother and of course Richie so roll on late spring I say! Im not work shy, I shall be pulling my sleeves up and mucking in just as much as them. Cannot wait.

13 thoughts on “The Vegetable Garden and Orchard -Well Eventually!

  1. Good luck – I wish you well with it! Although it might seem like a lot of hard work it’s something you can really make your own and get it just as you want – plus you’ll be enjoying the benefits for many years to come! Nice to have you back :)


  2. hehe, now I feel bad for buggin you! But I was oh so happy to see another post. It looks like you do have a bit of work ahead of you, but it does sound very exciting. And the decorating sounds fulfilling also. Its good to redecorate if the current space makes you feel uncomfortable, its not good to subject your body and soul to that. And how much fun to have hedgehogs in your area….. I have always thought they were cute. Do they cause any mischeif in the garden or anything?


  3. Thankyou Kittyboo, thats exactly how I see it too, making it our own x

    Do What You Love – aww dont feel bad! Your not bugging me at all :) Hedgehogs are fantastic as a natural slug control, they are also very cute I agree. They may leave the odd poop on the lawn but hey I can cope with that ;)


  4. Good to see you back. The decorating sounds fun – I’m longing to decorate ours and the boys bedrooms, it’s something that’s been on the list since we moved in two and a half years ago.

    Our garden was really over grown and brambly when we moved in, it felt great once it was all cleared (notice how the garden got done, but not the decorating, we moved in in May though). Think your area is probably bigger than ours though.


  5. Really thick gardening gloves, long sleeves, thick trousers and wellies is what I found helped (really glamorous). Also a willing and able father and grandfather were a big help.


  6. I gave up on the long sleeves as I kept getting caught so just went with thick trousers, sturdy boots and very good gloves. If you cut at the bottom and pull the brambles to a pile behind you, working in an ever-increasing circle around you, you should be able to minimise the cuts and scrapes.


  7. Oh – I was wearing other clothes, like a t-shirt. Just so we’re clear…! Because oh my! that would really hurt!!


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