4 thoughts on “The Composters

  1. How do those composters work for you? I have always wondered which designs are the easiest and most efficient to use. I love the matching chicken knickers there, hehe. We have always been too lazy to actually compost anything, and the chickens have always taken care of it all for us.


  2. Hee hee!

    These bins were already here when we moved into the property, we have already filled them! They are ok to use for now, but we will be making our own bins from old pallets that we have been collecting one at a time for free which is great. This will give us more composting space and better access to the compost at the bottom.

    Everything from kitchen waste and chicken poops go in them. The chickens love hunting between them for bugs. Hopefully the compost will be ready by the time the vegetable garden is designed !


  3. They actually work very well..the only problem is they can get a bit dry inside with the lid on, so you might need to add some water in the summer ( or leave the lid off!) but if you do that, don’t let the hens near in case they go in the bins……


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