Expanding The Flock – More Ex Battery Hens!

Mucky Beak Lily

For a long while we had been toying with the idea of getting some ducks, for one reason or another we just did not get around to getting any. Since moving here I have been thinking a lot lately about our current flock of hens. Perhaps its because I spend the most time with them, witnessing first hand the dramatic change in their appearance and behaviour. Then of course there is all this extra S P A C E !

I really enjoy the chickens company, they love to ‘help out’ in the garden, like yesterday for instance. I must have raked 8 large piles of fallen leaves from the massive oak trees only for the hens to dive in and kick all the leaves around the lawn again! I cannot be cross with them, they are only helping after all. Its moments like this that while I watch and smile at the hens doing their worst, I cannot help but cast my mind back to the early days of having them. They were so unsure and scared in their alien new world, it was heartbreaking to watch. Back then it was hard to imagine that they would ever be ‘proper’ chickens doing chickeny things. But they are.

All this thinking has made me reach a decision at last. We are going to get 3 more ex battery hens. We have plenty of room here to house more hens, plus I have some Christmas and birthday money burning a huge hole in my heart whilst looking at hen houses on the internet. I’m not entirely sure when the girls will arrive, there are a couple of rescues scheduled soon so we have a bit of time to prepare the new hens residence.

4 thoughts on “Expanding The Flock – More Ex Battery Hens!

  1. Hurrah! Excellent news, there are 3 girls out there that, at the moment, are completely ignorant to the fact that they are going to have the most fantastic retirement. Good on you, Karen!

    We’re also still toying with getting a couple more. We just have a few things to sort out here before we’re ready again (there’s just too much space for them at first, prob. a bit daunting so need to sort out a pen holding area until they’re more acclimatised to their new free range life).

    All your space sounds brilliant. Am looking forward to seeing lots of photos of your upcoming garden smallholding projects this year xx


  2. Thanks Lucy, hope you get things sorted so you can also take on a few more girls. Little Hen Rescue are appealing for homes at the moment, around 3,000 hens are in need, otherwise its the slaughter van :(


  3. We’ve only had our girls for 3 weeks but we love having them so much we’re already thinking about when we can get some more!


  4. Hi Kate
    Thanks for your comment. Chickens are very addictive and have such great characters about them. And of course you have the bonus of getting eggs!


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