And It Snowed, Again!

snow wig

It snowed heavily again overnight. In fact I believe last nights snowfall was heavier than Mondays. It has been so cold recently that the little bit of winter sunshine from yesterday failed to make much of an impact on Mondays snowfall. Hardly any melted at all.

The hens are again unimpressed with today’s weather but not quite as shell shocked as Monday. Not surprising really considering where they came from. Their enclosure is very sheltered, it has a roof and some temporary tarp on the sides to protect them from wind driven snow. They are well protected from whatever the weather decides to throw at us again today.

One of the difficulties since the start of this severe weather has been to prevent their water drinker from freezing during the day. Monday was particularly annoying and no doubt today will be too. A member on the ex battery hens forum has kindly given a tip to prevent this problem. She adds a glug of olive oil to the drinker, which prevents the water from freezing. I have not tried this yet so I shall see if it works today if access to their water becomes a problem for them.

Our children’s schools are shut again today, its too dangerous for the school buses to travel through the villages as hardly any of the roads have been gritted over night. Rich could not make the journey into the office either, so he is working from home today. The snow plough came through the lane which fronts our property at 6.30am, it helped a little but its still pretty treacherous out there.

So another day of being snowed in, sorry to be the fun police but I hope this is the last of it.

2 thoughts on “And It Snowed, Again!

  1. I love this picture, too cute with its snow hat. I know that snow can be challenging at times, but I hope your family has been enjoying it!
    I am sorry I haven’t sent you an e-mail with those books I was talking about! I have to look a couple of them up to get the titles right, and I hope to get that off to you one of these days!! My trips online are limited at the moment, sorry!!
    I hope everything else has been going great for you! And I hope the snow is around for the perfect amount of time for everyone to enjoy it, and then melt away when everyone is ready to move on.


  2. Oh please dont worry about the email, I know you have been having technical problems on your trip xx
    The snow is lovely to look at, very pretty and the children have enjoyed it but they have missed so much of school this week. The weather forecast predicts more snow, so we shall see what tomorrow brings. Our hens are not happy at all, egg laying has rapidly reduced.

    Hope you and Bernie are ok and enjoying the rest of your trip. Stay safe xx


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