Chitting Potatoes


I forgot to buy seed potatoes last weekend so I made a quick dash to the smallholder suppliers so we can crack on with chitting them.

It is safe to say that we are nowhere near ready with the vegetable garden plot, the whole lot needs to be cleared and dug over. We decided to make a few temporary beds elsewhere in the garden so we can get the growing season underway. Potatoes take up an awful lot of room so we will probably plant some in large containers as well, this worked very well for us last year so its worth another go.

9 thoughts on “Chitting Potatoes

  1. I’ve not grown potatoes before but was thinking of giving it a go this year. Space is at a bit of a premium in our garden so I was going to try growing them in containers too. Did you encounter any problems with this method last year?


  2. Hi Rebecca
    Containers worked perfectly for us last year. We were in the middle of selling our house at the time so we couldnt really start digging up extra areas of the garden, using containers made sense to us.

    Choose a disease resistant variety and keep them well watered during the warmer weather, you should be fine :)


  3. I have actually bought some “potato growing bags” to see how they work, as I have been asked about using them in a school I teach at.

    I don’t need to use them as I have lots of space to grow spuds BUT…..I work in schools and with folk who may not have much space SO ….I intend to photo and document my progress with them……….

    at the mo, I can’t see any problem with using them….


  4. Id be interested to see how you get on with the growing bags CW. We also have plenty of space here for potatoes (not as much as you though) its just the timing with getting the plot cleared, then dug over thats against us at the moment GAH!


  5. I’ve just ordered some potato growing bags. Yay! I feel glad to have finally done something towards getting the garden sorted – even if it did only involve a few mouse clicks! Thanks for the tips!


  6. MMmmmm you can look forward to those home grown potatoes now Rebecca and I can look forward to your future recipes!


  7. Hi – I am a new allotmenteer (hurrah) and this is the first year for planting my own potatoes. I’ve bought 2 lots of second earlies, 2 lots of salad and one lot of main crop. Mine are all chitting away happily in the greenhouse, but I’m finding conflicting information about when they are ready to be planted out. Is there a rule-by-thumb to follow? Thanks, H


  8. Hi Helen
    We are also new to vegetable growing, this will only be our second year of planting potatoes so hopefully I will give you correct information. Generally I think there is no real hard rule as such to planting, purely because with our changing climate its hard to follow a rigid timetable.

    As a guide:

    First earlies are planted out in early spring, second earlies (roughly 2 weeks later) mid spring and maincrop mid – late spring. I have planted out salad potatoes already, but, I have left enough room between rows to earth up if frosts threaten the young shoots.

    Hope this helps you, good luck with your allotment!


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