Can YOU Give Ex Battery Hens a New Life?

Lily & Mrs N June 08

Have you ever considered rehoming some ex battery hens?

Battery hens that are deemed no longer productive to farmers are slaughtered. I will spare you the gory details of the undignified end to their already miserable existence.

These hens will be aged just 18 months old and would have spent most of their short ‘life’ in a CAGE. Row upon row of cages filled with 5 (sometimes more) hens jostling to stand on a wire bottom tilted cage the size of an A4 piece of paper. They have no means of expressing or carrying out natural behaviour. They NEVER see the eggs that they lay, see natural daylight or stretch their wings. Most are bald or ‘oven ready’ due to feather pulling from other hens, an act performed out of pure frustration and understandably boredom. Many hens die in their cage, sometimes unnoticed by the farmer, especially if they are in a top tier cage.

Just because the farmer does not need them any more does not mean that their egg laying days are over, they are just not producing enough eggs to make them commercially viable. Please consider re-homing a few ex battery hens and give them a home in a better environment. They are  no harder to look after than a rabbit and will reward you with fresh eggs.

Likewise, please reconsider before buying eggs from caged hens.

Free At Last hen rescue are based in Bedfordshire. Their next rescue will be 22nd February. If you would like to re-home some hens from this rescue please visit their website for more details:

For helpful and friendly advice regarding caring for ex battery hens, please feel free to join the Ex Battery Hens Forum:

Please, give a little brown hen a chance at life. Thank you.

9 thoughts on “Can YOU Give Ex Battery Hens a New Life?

  1. I would recommend getting rescue chickens – we were only able to save 5, but they are great birds, in fact once they ‘found their feet’ they have become more friendly than my other hens!

    It takes a while for all their feathers to grow back, but once they do it’s amazing to see the difference!



  2. Hi Stiggy :)
    Its very true how friendly ex battery hens are. Amazing really considering where they came from.


  3. I am very fond of my two ex bats., even though, unlike the other hens, they lay no eggs..

    BUT I can live with that, their few handfuls of food is not expensive compared to the other girls and the good feelings I get when I look at how happy they are is, worth the money they cost me in food….and I LIKE them…..

    and I am SO pleased I have got them back to nearly “normal” hen behaviour…and full feathers…..

    Cathy and Genghis Hen…lovely girls…..


  4. Wow, this is cool. I grew up with chickens and look forward to having them again one day. My parents used to buy “old” dairy cows that no longer produced “enough” milk for the commercial dairies. They were always good animals, just past their unnatural prime.


  5. I have a knitting pattern to knit jumpers for ex batts on my weblog. I have four ex batt girls from the BHWT -


  6. I have two Hens and I love them just watching them is a treat I have had them now nearly a year would like a couple more.


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