Gardeners Friend


Of all the many wild birds to visit our garden smallholding, the Robin remains one of our favourites. Since starting the hard job of clearing the plot which is to become our vegetable garden, we have had the company of a lovely little Robin, a faithful observer waiting for the opportunity to claim a fat worm.

This little Robin has become quite brave in our company.

11 thoughts on “Gardeners Friend

  1. What a lovely little guy. I think your Robins are so cute. Ours look quite different, and I suppose its the novelty of seeing ones that look so different. What a great companion to have while you are working in the garden.
    It looks like you guys are making nice headway clearing the plot. Hope the weather gets a bit better for your outside work!


  2. Im curious to see what your Robins look like now! Does Bernie have any shots on his blog? Im off for a look!


  3. Hi Karen,
    we’re really lucky where we live, we have 3 or 4 robins that live in or around our garden – I believe I’m right in saying they’re quite territorial, and like their own space usually – so it’s nice to see so many!

    Nice shot there of your Robin Karen!



  4. Thanks Stiggy :)
    Like yourself, we have a few Robins that visit and yes they can be very territorial of their patch! This particular Robin came so close that I was able to shoot with a 70-200 and get a decent shot.

    For the non-photographers who read this blog, im talking about a lens and not a gun !


  5. I’ve got several robins who hang around the pig enclosures. a couple even “share” the pig feed: the pig lifts his/he head up from the bowl to chew and the robin dives in to grab something!

    Sadly, they’re rather camera-shy (the robins, not the pigs) and only having a camera-phone, I simply can’t get any decent shots :(


  6. Lovely photo. I haven’t managed to get anything so good. My camera is pretty basic, although now I know about the ‘action setting’ I might be able to take a better photo next time I’m up close to a robin. Ours gets so close you can almost touch him, but as soon as you move and point a camera at him he moves. Very frustrating.


  7. Hi Karen and Rich,
    I have just found your website and am enjoying reading it. I love the photo of the robin. I have a robin that seems to follow me around the farm but I think is camera shy!
    Sara from farmingfriends


  8. I have a little Robin friend who appears everytime I start digging, he sits so quietly waiting until I’ve dug a patch over before he feasts on the worms… that is of course unless I reach for my Camera, in which case he promptly disappears. Good luck with the brambles.


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