First Butterfly Sighting of the Year

Due to being so busy yesterday with the hen housing preparations I did not get around to updating the blog until now. Yesterday the weather was very sunny and that can only mean one thing. Butterflies!

I am totally nuts about butterflies. I spend a lot of time reading about them, identifying them, learning about their prefered host plants and flight times. I think you get the picture. My name is Karen and I am a butterfly geek. There, I feel better.

Anyhoo, yesterday during all the glorious rays of sunshine, I spotted the first butterfly of the year, a Brimstone in flight. It was just so beautiful and  magical as it danced its butterfly dance around my head. I smiled and drifted off into a dream like state. …..

Then Rich shouted at me to pass him his drill. Urrghh.

2 thoughts on “First Butterfly Sighting of the Year

  1. I saw a yellow butterfly yesterday. I wondered if it was a Brimstone but wasn’t sure how big they are. This was a medium-sized butterfly, with no obvious markings, but it went by fairly fast, so could have had small faint ones. I agree, it’s lovely to see butterflies flitting about.


  2. Aren’t the butterflies so magical? They always look so peaceful floating along. I love watching them eat at flowers. And how exciting that you are getting more girls! I know they will enjoy their new home!!


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