Introducing the New Hens

Our precious cargo of ex battery hens, heading for their new life

Yesterday we collected another 4 ex battery hens from Free At Last hen rescue. They are extremely thin and very bald but we hope with some TLC  they will all blossom into beautiful brown hens,  just like our other 6 have.

This morning I found a soft shelled tangled mess in the coop, but hey ho that’s to be expected. What I didn’t expect to find on opening the nestbox was a perfect egg tucked safely in the straw. Brenda then went inside the coop and laid an egg, bit of a ropey looking thing it was but she cannot be blamed for that. These hens are truly wonderful.

They are eating and drinking well and scratching the ground. So far so good. They have been named after members of the family, left to right from the photo above we have: Chrissie, Shazzy, Brenda and Auntie Marge. 

Free At Last will be doing another rescue this Saturday 28th February. If you would like to rehome some hens please visit their website for more details

12 thoughts on “Introducing the New Hens

  1. Congrats on your new arrivals! I hope they thrive with your TLC, and that when they’re introduced to your existing six it all goes smoothly. Looking forward to seeing more pics of them.


  2. I think it’s wonderful that you can offer a new home and some much-needed attention to these hens. It must be heartbreaking to see them in such a sorry state when they arrived. Sadly space doesn’t allow us to have chickens at the moment but if/when we get some more room, I’d definitely opt to rehome rescue hens. I hope your new girls settle in well – good to know that they’re in good hands now. :)


  3. I’m sure Aunty Marge is thrilled to be named after the one with the scrawniest neck. ;) They do look in pretty poor shape, poor things. I wish you much luck with their rehabilitation. I’m sure we must have it very easy in comparison. The sooner battery chicken farming becomes a thing of the past the better.


  4. Congrats on the new additions: and well done to Brenda for laying!

    I wish we could re-home some ex-batts but the only place they could go is straight in with the others and I don’t think that would be fair on them or the new arrivals :(


  5. Oh my, poor girls. I bet they really do think that they have died and gone to heaven. I love the names, especially Auntie Marge, that made me cuckle. It is amazing at the dedication that they have to laying their eggs….. good girls! They will be well rewarded now for the trying years they had to make it through.


  6. Thankyou everyone for your comments and good wishes. We will keep the blog updated on their progress and post more photos. Be warned, they are a sorry sight but quickly melt your heart ;)


  7. Karin, I have tried numerous times to leave you a comment on your recent post, the spam protection code will not load BAH!


  8. Sorry about that, Karen. Sounds like blogspot was having a spot of bother. Hope it’s sorted itself out by now. Looking forward to seeing how your new hens progress. I just found the pictures of the others last night and they are very different. They look as good as our young, presumably untraumatised, ones.


  9. Hi Karin
    No luck yet im afraid! The code will not load, so I cannot get past that stage for my comment to be held in moderation.


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