Update on the New Hens

Chrissie 25th Feb 09

The new girls appear to be settling in quite nicely. After blitzing them for lice and worms (which they had) they are looking so much brighter. They are getting stronger each day too and quite mischievous, which I like to see.

Shazzy and Auntie Marge went to the vet on Thursday evening. Shazzy is very rattly and Auntie Marge had a bit of a water bum on rescue day which concerned me. It has reduced in size considerably, but seeing as I was taking Shazzy to the vet anyway it made sense to take Auntie Marge for a quick check over. She was perfect company for Shazzy too to reduce stress. Auntie Marge is OK, the vet was happy with her and does not feel that her bottom is anything to worry about. She is laying and seems quite a perky little hen and she certainly knows how to fill her crop. To the point of bursting! Shazzy however needed a course of baytril, as expected, for a nasty respiratory infection.

Brenda, Auntie Marge and Chrissie so far have laid perfecto eggs. Shazzy is passing broken soft shell little numbers. I know when one is on the way because she looks ever so sorry for herself for a while, then, once she passes it, she is fine. She is receiving all she should to help with strong shells, so, along with her meds, her system hopefully will recover soon. All in all I am happy with their progress so far. Their diet also includes more protein for feather growth, which is working as a few of them have little spikes in a few places. Awwww.

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