Digging, Weeding and Fires


Yesterday we spent a lot of time in the vegetable garden and mini orchard area, clearing up as much of the twigs, branches and debris as possible by way of a good fire. Although we did clear a lot, we still have a fair few piles of it to burn.

The brambles are all cut down and there are only a few roots left in the ground, due for removal today. Hopefully we will have time to get some boards assembled to make frames. A quarter of the veg plot has been well dug over and weeded within an inch of its life. This area is now ready to receive some well rotted organic matter once the frames are in place. Then, we can sow!

veg plot dug over

No rest for the wicked, best get back out there and DIG!

7 thoughts on “Digging, Weeding and Fires

  1. If there seems to be something missing in your life once you’ve cleared all your brambles, you’ll be welcome to have a go at ours!! ;) You’ve obviously been working really hard.


  2. Oh, ummm, errrr, well…… ;)
    Another fire tonight and still lots of debris to get rid of. We are getting there. Slowly!


  3. That looks like a lot of hard work. But just imagine how wonderful it will look this summer. Are you doing raised beds? Good job at the clearing work!


  4. Slightly raised beds using kit boards with paths between each bed is the plan :)


  5. Well done – hope your muscles aren’t too sore from all that digging! We’ve spent the weekend in the garden too – Mr. J has been busy constructing raised beds from some old palettes we got for free from the nearby builder’s yard and I’ve been starting some seeds off indoors (yes, I know – I get all the hard jobs :) ). Think I might have gone a bit mad at the garden centre though… lots and lots of seeds… many more than we’ve got space to grow – still, guess some will keep for next year and it’s always worth having a few spare plants for the ones the slugs will inevitably demolish!


  6. Hi Rebecca
    Thats a good idea regarding the palette wood, what with it being free too even better! I know what you mean about the seeds, they are all so tempting that its hard to stick to just what you need.


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