Goodbye Shazzy

Shazzy 28th Feb 09
Shazzy, one of our new ex battery hens freed on 22nd February 2009 has been very poorly. Yesterday her condition worsened, she could not breathe easily, was gasping and making such a noise each time she inhaled it was heartbreaking. We had a vet appointment already booked for her to be seen yesterday evening, which helped to ease our minds as we were very concerned about her breathing and we also suspected EYP. Our vet confirmed our fears. Shazzy was suffering from EYP – Egg Yolk Peritonitis (laying internally) and the respiratory infection that we were already treating her for had not responded to the medication from before, in fact it had got worse.
Our vet thinks these 2 ‘conditions’ were secondary and that she most likely had a tumour. She was very very weak, falling asleep as she was being examined and struggling to breathe. We did hope that we could manage her EYP (some hens can cope well) but everything else about her was not up to it.
We had to say goodbye to Shazzy last night. Our vet felt it would be cruel to allow her to continue and advised us to allow her to be PTS. She had 2 weeks of freedom.
Another victim of the battery system.
I feel so sad and so helpless that I could not make her strong. I wish we had more time with her, it does my head in. WHY WHY WHY??
Goodbye sweet Shazzy, you have been loved and you will be missed.

10 thoughts on “Goodbye Shazzy

  1. Try not to feel too bad, at least you guys gave her a couple weeks of heaven before she had to go. So much better going in your loving care, than in some little cage in a stuffy building.

    RIP dear Shazzy, may your pastures be green, and your days filled with warm sunshine.


  2. That is such a shame, but you did your best for her, and no one can do more than that. I do think it is time battery farming was legally recognised as cruelty to animals. More stories like Shazzy’s should hit the mainstream media IMO.

    It’s at time like this we need to remember the prayer that goes,

    Dear God,
    Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
    the courage to change the things I can,
    and the wisdom to know the difference.


  3. Oh I AM so sorry… :-((

    She had 2 weeks of love, kindness and freedom with you…which is two weeks more than all her sisters in prison got…

    I know how sad you feel…and have a hug from me….

    and DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ( I know I know, pot, kettle, black spring to mind, but……)

    YOU are not at fault, the cruel battery system is….

    love Sarah x


  4. Oh no, poor you, my heart sank when I saw the title of your post. As everyone else has said you gave her two weeks of freedom and lots of love. RIP Shazzy. Sending love & hugs to you.


  5. Poor poor little Shazzy, and poor you, too, how terribly sad. But take heart – her ending was much softer and kinder than it would have been if she’d not been rescued by you. Sending you a big, comforting hug. lol Karen x


  6. Oh Karen, I am sorry – such a shame but at least you enabled her to experience love and freedom – you can feel proud about that.


  7. I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. We just got some baby chicks yesterday and I can only imagine how attached we will get to them. I really think you guys are awesome for rescuing these beautiful hens. You are an inspiration!


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