When Brenda Met Dolly

Brenda and Dolly

Dolly is the hen on the right. She was a battery hen nearly 12 months ago. She has always been very petite, so when Brenda (ex battery hen of nearly 4 weeks) came over to say hello, Dolly stood up as tall as she could and puffed out her chest……

…..and decided to chest barge Brenda. Charming!

10 thoughts on “When Brenda Met Dolly

  1. Wow! This picture is great in showing the huge change in the hens after you guys rescue them. It’s like a before and after shot. Dolly looks beautiful and healthy. It’s great that Brenda will look like that some day, too.


  2. It’s too funny that Dolly felt she had to assert herself. As hippygirl said, this is a great before and after shot. Oh, Brenda has so much to look forward to. Maybe Dolly did that also, because the appearance of a shaggy hen brought back bad memories of her battery days……


  3. Oh this brings back memories..of what Genghis (RIP) and Cathy were like…Cathy is restored to full health after the latest bout of antibiotics…and has been causing mayhem *(or should that be “mayhen” )..as per normal……

    I get soooooooooo angry about the battery hen system…I am sure it is not good for my BP…….or the hens involved…. :-((


  4. Chickens do seem very territorial. A friend of mine has bought a few new chickens and the original residents are giving them a hard time.

    It’s good to think Brenda will have as many feathers as Dolly one day, but I hope the ‘oldies’ will accept the new ones.


  5. Lovely to see the hen photo and Dolly looking so well. Don’t hens have quirky behaviour. Looking forward to seeing Brenda with her feathers back one day.
    Kind regards
    Sara from farmingfriends


  6. Just wondering how your new and old chickens are integrating? Have there been any invitations to tea or to share a tasty cabbage leaf together?


  7. Hi Karin

    Hmmm its not a great start im afraid! They can all free range together BUT as soon as they get too close the fights start. I cannot risk injury to the new girls as they are still a lot weaker than the original 6 girls and also much smaller, so, for now, I am supervising a bit and trying all sorts of attention grabbing methods…..mostly involving food!

    The trouble is, the new girls are the ones picking the fights! Ah well, we will get there….eventually.


  8. That’s a shame. Hopefully they will learn to trust each other eventually. Perhaps when the new girls feel healthier and better fed they won’t be so worried there might not be enough food to go around. Being territorial over food could be the main reason they behave that way.


  9. The food helps to focus their attention on me, rather than each other. Its just the normal pecking order ‘problems’ that need to be addressed, but, because I am worried about the weaker girls getting hurt, I am introducing slowly by free ranging them all together. There are some big hens amongst the original flock, which are not likely to give up their status of being at the top of the pecking order very easily!!

    How are your hens doing Karin?


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