Apple Scrumptious

Apple 'Scrumptious'

We have been looking around for more apple trees to join our young Cox’s Orange Pippin. After some research we decided on Discovery, still debating on a few others.

Discovery was proving difficult to get on the rootstock that we wanted, so we had a chat with the fruit buyer at our local garden centre. He pointed out a tree that we had not heard of before. Scrumptious, a modern early variety. Its parentage includes Discovery, the fruit it produces are red which ticks the box for fruit colour that we wished for. As its name suggests, the fruit is said to excel on flavour. A self fertile tree with good disease resistance as well as  frost resistant blossom. We were told to expect some fruit this year from this young tree so we shall see how it does.

2 thoughts on “Apple Scrumptious

  1. That is really cool that you guys are doing apples! I know next to nothing about apple trees or varieties, but it’s one of those things I’d like to learn about one day. First veggies and a strawberry and blueberry bush, then maybe some other fruit trees. :)


  2. Hi Hippygirl
    We dont know a great deal ourselves, we go on recommendations, reading tons of books and listening to advice from fruit buyers really! All our trees that we have purchased so far are very young. Strawberries are lovely. Yum!


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