Colour of the Season. Yellow!


It’s all very ‘sunshine yellow’ out there in the garden smallholding. Forsythia, daffodils and spring primroses (or should that be Primula?) all competing with each other for the best and brightest shade of jaune. I just adore daffodils and was pleased to see a good number of them poking their way through the soil in January /February. I prefer the shorter wind tolerant varieties such as Tete-Tete, a strong wind is sure to arrive just as the taller varieties of daffodils burst from their buds. The garden ends up looking like a scene from a hurricane movie with sad-looking beaten up daffodils.


Which varieties do you grow?

4 thoughts on “Colour of the Season. Yellow!

  1. I love the colors of that first picture! Such vivid yellow and blue, beautiful. I am glad that there were some daffodils that showed up at your new place for you. I am sure the new owners are very happy to have beautiful color popping up for them. And now you have a clean slate to start another daffodil extravaganza.


  2. What beautiful photos. I was lucky enough to inherit a whole host of golden daffodils from my husband’s Grandma. Some of them are quite unusual.
    Kind regards
    Sara from farmingfriends


  3. We have flowers coming up, too, but nothing blooming yet. Soon, though! I have no idea what is what so it’s a new surprise. Next year I guess we’ll know more, but our first spring here is full of surprises. I am just loving spring here. Spring in the desert can be beautiful, too, but in a much more subtle way.


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