Triumphant Bramble Diggers

vegetable garden so far

Oh yes, the sweet smell of success is finally in the air.  After many weeks, days and long hours, blood (quite literally, those bramble thorns are evil) sweat and near to tears we have at last rid the vegetable garden plot of those wretched brambles. And the roots. Yeee ha!

There are now 2 workable and very usable vegetable beds, already planted up with second early potatoes, onion sets, garlic and broad beans. What a difference it makes to be able to see the fruits of our very hard labour come together, to actually be able to get out there and sow, rather than wade through 12 feet of brambles. Fantastic. Another 2 beds will be finished by this weekend, then bed number 5 will be next on the list to get into position. This will still leave a lot of space free so we need to make up our minds if another fruit tree will take position or to go for more beds. Hmmm decisions.

broad bean

There’s still lots of work do, more agony to place upon our already aching muscles and limbs. We are not even half way through the whole plot that we have allocated for vegetable and soft fruit growing, but, the fact that the brambles roots are all out, thats got to make the whole process a little easier. Nettles are still a problem in next section of the plot, there are lots of them and those roots are just mind blowing. Its like an underground spaghetti frenzy going on. We are finding that digging at least a foot of the top soil is removing the runners, then, digging down a little further reveals the backbone of it all. Its hard going but its getting somewhere now, looking like a vegetable garden, behaving as a vegetable garden, which makes it all worth while really.

To improve the soil and feed it we have been using organic vegetable compost, those greedy bramble roots must have really taken it out of the soil even though its fully workable and seems quite reasonable considering. We have been composting like mad since moving into the property in November, sadly our own homemade compost is not quite ready to use just yet. Its going to be left to rot down, hopefully to be used this autumn. The hens oblige everyday with fresh droppings and we are actually running out of room to compost it all. My parents are now getting lots of free bags of straw and chicken poop till we get our act together and make wooden compost bins from the free pallets that we have been collecting. Anyone fancy some free bags of poo?

6 thoughts on “Triumphant Bramble Diggers

  1. Good going Karen. I’ve been doing a similar thing in one section of our place. All the hard work will pay off for years to come – feels so good to get it done though doesn’t it? I know what you mean about the thorns. It’s not always the really thick brambles that cause problems, I find it’s those brambles that send out spindly runners that are really leggy but have *the* most evil thorns on them that really do damage.

    Do you make your own liquid fertiliser with the chicken poo? Probably would work out a bit smelly as you have to leave it to ‘stew’ for a while…and it’s mega rich so you need to dilute it, but great stuff!

    Here’s hoping to a plentiful crop for you this year xxx


  2. Hi Lucy
    No we dont make a liquid fertiliser, how is that done? I bet its very smelly!


  3. Oooh, the roots are the hardest part! Its so tempting after you have dug for about an hour to just start lopping off the tops….. but then the thought of having to deal with them later cures that. Good job on such hard work! Its looking great.


  4. Well done. You’ve got a great area for growing veg now. We’ve got a few patches of brambles in the garden, so I know how much hard work must have been involved. You’ve inspired me to have a go at getting rid of one of the patches at least. I must admit, I have felt it was a pretty hopeless task.


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