Seedlings and What We Are Sowing Now

sweetcorn seedlings

I love sowing seeds and waiting for them to germinate, be it vegetable or flowers it doesn’t matter, I find the waiting equally as rewarding. The sign of life within the soil, a little green seedling looking for the light. I’ve had a bash at sowing sweet corn, all the seeds germinated and the young seedlings are looking nice and healthy so far. I cannot wait to plant these out once the danger of frost is over. The height, the flowers, the crop that these seedlings hopefully will bring is very exciting to say the least. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Sweet corn is wind pollinated, planting in blocks rather than rows will increase the chances of successful pollination.

Other sowings this week have been tomatoes, courgettes and chillies, now cooking away in the propagator. Our chillies did reasonably well last year, although they refused to redden until brought inside. Sprouts and cauliflower are doing well in the outside mini greenhouse. Runner beans are next on the list for sowing as well as peas, beets, carrots and parsnips.

pots of seed

So far I have resisted buying in vegetable seedlings whilst browsing around mums local (and very reasonable) nursery. Who knows, it could all go boobies up and I may need to rush back there after all.

2 thoughts on “Seedlings and What We Are Sowing Now

  1. Oooh, seedlings. I too love to see the little plants pop up through the earth. We have some sweet peas going on our windowsill right now, and they are just popping up. We need to get more things started!


  2. Oh, I agree – seeing the plants start to peek out from the soil is so wonderful – almost as satisfying as harvesting and scoffing them later on! Our windowsills are absolutely chockerblock with seeds at the moment – I’m working on the assumption of ‘one for us, one for the slugs’ after seeing the little b*ggers decimate half our runner bean plants last year! I will be better prepared this year……….

    Looking forward to hearing how your garden progresses.


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