It’s All Growing Well

Sprouts and cauliflower seedlings

Just a quickie update on the vegetable garden, sowing, seedlings and digging. We are still sowing like the clappers, all the seeds are germinating well so far, still waiting on the courgettes to make an appearance but so far so good.

Tomatoes and chillies have been sown and the tomatoes have already started to sprout. Runner beans will be started off in small pots this weekend, I don’t want to get caught out with a late frost or risk having the seed beans munched in the soil like last year.

The sprouts and cauliflower seedlings are doing very well outside in the mini greenhouse, some of the seedlings have their first set of true leaves. I have started off a second sowing of broad beans, the other plants are outside and doing well, even in the frost. We did lose some of the taller plants, but, I think that was my fault for allowing them to go too stringy before planting them out. We had to start the broad beans indoors because none of the vegetable beds were ready for planting.

The sweet corn seedlings are really doing well on the sunny windowsill, they will be planted out as soon as the risk of frost is over. The onion sets are coming along great as well as the garlic. No major dramas so far.

Clearing the veg plot of nettles

The vegetable garden is coming along slowly but we are getting there. We are still having a hell of a battle with nettles on the second half of the plot. Our very friendly neighbour asked us why we don’t just spray the blighter’s and be done with it, I politely answered that we want to be as organic as we can, otherwise what is the point? We may as well not bother trying to grow our own if we are going to pump the soil full with nasty stuff. He probably thinks we are barmy of course and cannot see the point in us out there, every spare hour we can grab, digging like crazy people possessed.

Anyhoo, we now have 5 lovely vegetable beds all fed with lovely well-rotted manure and organic compost, ready to nurture our seedlings and sowings. Oh, that reminds me, must get the carrots, beets, peas and parsnips in soon!

8 thoughts on “It’s All Growing Well

  1. Mmmm, what a lot of lovely veg you’ll have this summer! We’ve planted a couple of things out but most things are still on the window-ledges as it’s got very cold again here all of a sudden! Tomorrow has been designated gardening day though so hopefully we’ll make a bit more headway!


  2. I made the mistake of leaving a patch of nettles for the butterflies last year and they seeded all over the veg patch, but if we get them all up while they are small they won’t be able to seed this year. However, there might be more than one flurry of seeds springing into life before we’ve got them all up. It shouldn’t be too big a task to eliminate them, unless one of your neighbours is friendly towards butterflies.


  3. Karin…Hmmm its a tough one this. Whilst ripping out nettles I do feel gulity. I LOVE butterflies and I know how some species rely on nettles so much, so, I have left a patch of nettles in a sunny spot for them to lay eggs. It is well away from the veg patch though, but our neighbour does leave the nettles riot in his garden.

    I hope you have a great gardening day tomorrow Rebecca :)


  4. Sounds like you have been very busy! :-)

    At the risk of making an “grandma – egg – suck” type comment….you do know not to sow carrots in a freshly manured bed, don’t you? because it makes them fork and not grow terribly well?

    Carrots tend to follow a manured bed about 3 years down the rotation for that bed, because of this…so a bed would typically go spuds year one ( lots of manure first) then peas/ beans, which add nitrogen from their roots at the end, so you cut off the stalks and leave the roots behind, then brassicas then finally in yr 4 carrots then back to spuds ( with lots of manure first)

    So a carrot bed starting from scratch would not be manured, and next year you would manure it and grow spuds….

    Does this make sense to you?

    I guess you know all this, so many apologies if you do..but I would hate you to manure a carrot bed, all unknowing, when I could have helped you avoid it….

    If you already have, its not a disaster!, but the carrots will probably be a bit forked and twisted….so if you haven’t planted the seeds, perhaps rake off some of the manure and put it on the spud bed?

    (also applies to parsnips I think…)


  5. Wow, you are going to have a wonderful harvest this summer! It sounds like you are being well organized with all of your prep. I never get myself together that well! Good luck on the nettles.


  6. Aww CW, bless you! Yes I did know regarding manure, the carrots and parnsips are going to go in a manure free bed. We are still in the process of adding more beds (once the wretched nettles are gone!) so one of these will be used mainly for root veg this year. But thanks for your info on crop rotation and where to put certain veg, that was very helpful xx

    Thankyou Stacey, we certainly hope we do a bit better than we did last year. As for the nettles, we plan to attack those again today and hope to get it all done by the end of this weekend :)


  7. Hey Karen – do you fancy coming round to sort out OUR veggy patch!?


    I shall pinch the rotation ideas that you have here in your comments.

    If you come and do our veggy patch I’ll make sure you have lots of tea and biscuits!!!



  8. Hee hee Stiggy!
    Is there much digging to do? If not, then the tea and biscuits are very tempting!


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