Demolition Man

Rich demolishing the old 'shack'

Wow its all been so hectic around here lately, so much getting done at last and so many new things to do. Rich has been a busy boy removing the old remains of an outbuilding come shack (no, not the one we dug up) complete with old water pipe system. It now resides on a heap ready to be cleared. With regards to the other outbuilding, that has yet to be removed from the ground. Groan.


One half of the vegetable garden pretty much resembles a small hill of earth right now, but its nettle free whoop whoop! The plan is to use this excess soil to fill in the inevitable gaping hole that will remain once the foundations of the buried outbuilding are finally excavated, then we can begin to level off the remaining part of the vegetable garden. I have decided that we need a few more frames for vegetable beds seeing as I want to grow not only more than I had originally thought, but in larger quantities. We have recycled some wood from the old shack so we shall be putting that to good use.

Another job that needs doing and doing fast is erecting a new fence along one side and along the back boundary. We had an incident happen last week where a dog from the neighbouring garden entered ours and frightened our hens half to death. Our German Shepherd dog was behind another fence at the time and could not launch the attack on the dog that he so wanted to. I have nicknamed the dog ‘Lucky’.

6 thoughts on “Demolition Man

  1. We’ve been busy in the garden over the holiday, too, especially hubby who has built a pond, but apart from the digging, the main work was clearing brambles and other weeds. Thankfully we have no buildings to remove.

    I’m glad your chickens didn’t come to any harm from the dog.


  2. Sounds like it’s all coming along nicely – well done! Good that you’re finding a good use for the remains of the shack too.

    We also managed to get stuck in over the easter holiday – very satisfying! Sadly, some of our hard work has already been undone due to cats digging up a couple of my (so carefully nurtured!) pea plants. I’m investigating wildlife and baby friendly ways to deter them from using my raised beds as a nice big litter tray! I’ve heard lion dung is good but that’s rather in short supply around here (!!!) so I’m opting for orange peel instead. Hope it works!


  3. Wow, it sounds like you are getting a lot done! Thats great that you get to recycle some of the wood into garden beds. Are you growing all of your own food then?


  4. Thanks Karin, it was a ‘hairy’ moment (no pun intended) but thankfully no animals were harmed, just a lot of barking and clucking. Im envious of your pond, this is something we want to do, just need to find the time as usual!

    Rebecca, my nans neighbour uses orange peel with good results. Our neighbour has 6 cats but they steer clear of our garden because cats are wise and we have a very large dog! Hope your peas survive x

    Stacey, I want to try and grow as much as I can, mainly because I enjoy it but also to try and eat mainly what we grow. My only downfall as such is I tend to fail with long season harvests and tend to get one big glut then nothing. Must try harder to sow little and often rather than getting carried away. Its a learning curve after all ;)


  5. Rebecca, if all else fails get some cat scat from the Organic Gardening catalogue. I’ve put some in where a cat or fox was digging and it stopped them.

    Karen, it’s taken over 10 years for us to get a pond, so don’t be too envious. Like you, there has always been so much else to do, especially when the kids were young. One of them is technically an adult now.


  6. Yeah, that is the challenge I run into. It really is just learning to sow in consecutive crops. And then keep track of everything. I bet you will have a great garden this summer. Do you dry and can a lot of food?


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