One Year On, Ex Battery Hens

The girls

Our original 6 ex battery hens have been free from their cage for one whole year today. Its true to say it has been an emotional journey at times, but a journey that we are glad to have taken.

Scratching around

Our first flock of  6 ex battery hens have made our first year of hen keeping very rewarding and enjoyable. Compared to other people we know, we have in fact been very lucky and had very little go wrong with the girls so far. Bumble foot has been the most annoying and stubborn ailment to clear up, resulting in Lily having to have an operation under gas to remove painful bumbles on both feet. Obviously the girls are knocking on a bit now so we shall probably be facing a few hurdles in the near future. Hopefully they will go on to enjoy their lives for another year yet, who knows.

Rose sunbathing on 20/04/09

10 thoughts on “One Year On, Ex Battery Hens

  1. Happy freedom day to your girls. You do seem to have been lucky compared to some, so you are clearly doing something right. I get the impression that Warrens/ISA Browns are prone to problems due to their prolific egg-laying abilities. I read somewhere that they are more likely to suffer from thin shells as they get older than some hybrids, which might also contribrute to health problems after a few years. If they were also kept in battery cages with no exercise and a poor diet this will exacerbate things further.

    On the course we went on at the weekend we were told to expect things to start going wrong from about 3 years, but we’re hoping they were being pessimistic. Hubby knows someone with 4-year-olds (not ex-bats, though) and one has just got sour crop – the first time any have had health problems. Lets hope yours continue to be lucky.


  2. Thanks CW & Karin xx

    Some are a bit scruffy looking at the moment, they are going through a moult. Again!


  3. I bet this year of freedom has felt like a lifetime of heaven for them! Its great to see pictures of them enjoying themselves. Hope they enjoy each moment of their lifes!


  4. It’s ceratinly a great feeling when you see them full with feathers and happily scratching amongst the grass etc.

    Well done you!



  5. Im going to post something up about the latest goings on Karin, thanks for asking x
    Rebecca, Stacey & Stiggy, thank you so much xxx


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