Little Hen Rescue Need Homes For 10,000 Battery Hens

Little Hen Rescue desperately need homes for the last remaining battery hens of a farm due to shut down. The slaughter man has been booked by the farmer for 29th June, these hens will be slaughtered unless homes are found ASAP. After spending 18 miserable months of their short lives in a hell hole, never seeing daylight or grass, never knowing what the sun feels like on their backs, they will be held by the legs and roughly put into crates, loaded up like rubbish and killed. All for cheap crappy eggs.

Many co-ordination points have and are being set up to accommodate as wide an area for re homing as possible. If you can give a home to some very needy hens, or can help in other ways ie putting up posters or donating, please contact LHR @

If you have been thinking about re homing some ex battery hens but are unsure, please feel free to join the Ex Battery Hens Forum for very friendly and helpful advice

If you are a blogger, please pop a post on your blog to help raise awareness.

Please, support LHR and help them to get these hens out.

8 thoughts on “Little Hen Rescue Need Homes For 10,000 Battery Hens

  1. Hiya – what area are these hens coming from?

    I’d be happy to put a post up about it if I had a few more details.



  2. Hi Stiggy

    Thanks for your offer of help :) If you could just copy my post and put a link to Little Hen Rescue website then any questions regarding specific pick up locations will be answered by the rescue team as and when.

    Cheers for helping spread the word, your a star :)


  3. Oh how I wish we had room! I do have a friend who is interested in keeping chickens though so I will forward the details to her. I really hope lots of good homes can be found for these girls.


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