Growing Our Own

veg beds

I’m so pleased with our vegetable garden now, particular because it was such hard graft to get anything growing in the first place. The whole plot was a jungle only a few months ago, you could barely access any of it let alone dig it. All the hard work has paid off and now we have vegetables happily growing away. So what have we been growing and sowing so far?

Sweet corn, Pentland Crown main crop potatoes, Charlotte salad potatoes, two varieties of broad bean (tall & dwarf) mange tout pea, red & white onions, garlic, runner beans,  courgette, Brussel sprouts, parsnips, main crop carrots, butterhead and cut & come again lettuce, radish, beets, rhubarb, tomatoes, cauliflower and we some chillies growing inside. We grew tried growing chillies last year and had reasonable success with them, although the chillies refused to go red on the plants. This is all a big step up from what we grew last year, we still have a lot to learn with regards to vegetable growing but so far so good.

The foundations that we discovered a while ago have now all been removed and soil replaced to fill in the trenches that were left. We have been left with a perfect brown rectangle in the lawn, a sprinkle of grass seed will soon put that right. The Marjorie’s Seedling plum has recently been planted into its final position but we need to wait a little longer before planting our apple trees. We are having a new fence erected at the end of the garden as well as having the soil leveled with mini digger. We did manage to level off half of it by hand but the job proved too time consuming and back breaking that we felt that we needed a bit of machine power. And a well earned rest! This should all be happening middle of next month, then we can think about planting our apple trees finally and perhaps getting another fruit tree, perhaps a pear.

4 thoughts on “Growing Our Own

  1. Nice to hear you’re working hard too!


    Is that photo of the Sunflower a straight shot – or have you played about with the colours? It’s such a great shot.

    Love it!


  2. Hi Stiggy, the sunflower shot I took last year I believe. Not played with it as such, just light sharpen and cropped. The very centre of the flower looks B&W because it was not fully open if that makes sense?

    Thank you


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