Radish – What a Fab Little Veg


This is the first year that we have grown radishes, they will not be left off our list again. What a useful little crop they have proved to be. They grow amazingly fast so you can sow them between rows of slow growing crops, making the best use of the available space. We are about to harvest our first sowing of globe radish already.

Sow them every 2 weeks or so to ensure a succession of crops rather than all at once. They really do grow so fast that too many at once could be easily wasted. Which varieties do you like to grow?

8 thoughts on “Radish – What a Fab Little Veg

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your title, radishes are fabulous, quick and easy to grow. I love planting them and eating them whilst waiting to harvest the lettuce. I’ve always grown French Breakfast which is nice and juicy but this year I thought I’d try Scarlet Globe. Another week and mine will be ready, yum!


  2. Thanks for your comment Tracey :) Our first sowing are almost ready to harvest. Brilliant!


  3. Yay for radishes! I pulled our first few this morning and they are so lovely with a sprinkling of sea salt. Yum yum yum! Stupidly I planted rather a lot in one go so have quite a few radish-themed meals planned for the next few days… :)


  4. Oh I dont know Rebecca, lots of radish themed meals sounds lovely to me! ;)


  5. I have had a lovely time reading through your blog – and how I envy your small holding – that was always my dream – but it never became a reality.

    I will be back again soon.


  6. Hello and thank you Lottie. Our smallholding is just a very large garden really. We feel very lucky to be able to use it the way we do, growing our own food and keeping hens.


  7. I’ve just sown some purple radish seeds. They were free with the latest copy of grow your own.
    Love the blog
    Kay Xxx


  8. Thank you Kay!
    I want to try the purple ones too. I have just sown some Sparklers which are red and white.


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