First Harvest

radish harvest

Here it is, our very first harvest of the year, well, from seed anyway if you don’t count rhubarb which we have coming out of our ears. Not literally but you know what I mean! Yes its those fab little radishes all grown up, willing and waiting to be devoured. I’m sowing them like crazy now to keep up with the family’s demand!

7 thoughts on “First Harvest

  1. I keep meaning to sow some, but keep forgetting. I’ve weeded a small area in readiness, and now it has rained there is no excuse for me not sowing a row tomorrow, as well as planting that one lettuce seedling that has got left behind while I was waiting for a space to put it in.

    Thank you for plugging radishes so much. The message is sinking in.


  2. A wonderful blog Karen, will definitely be adding to my RSS feed.

    My wife and I have recently started Square Foot Gardening in South Africa (, growing our own veggies in our tiny townhouse complex “pocket garden”. Since we are only going into winter right now there’s not much for us to grow outdoors and we have limited space for pots. We are trying a few veggies in pots while we try and “winter-proof” one of our raised beds and Radishes were one of the first things we planted a few weeks ago and now they are almost ready to harvest :-)

    We are thinking of growing a lot more of them now but are wondering what we would to do with them all… apart from adding them to salads etc we haven’t come across any decent recipes for anything else. I wonder if it’s possible to preserve/pickle them?


  3. They look lovely. You guys take great pictures, too. Mine never turn out that well and it is not because of my camera. :)


  4. Thanks everyone for your comments :)

    Rebecca, we are growing Celesta at the moment. The lastest row have germinated in just 3 days. The purple skinned varieties look very interesting, might try those.

    Hi Mark, I just add them to salads too. Sometimes they dont quite make it to the kitchen door though. Whoops! Perhaps they could be added to make a relish of some sort? Im not a fan of pickled things :)


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