More Hens



Well it was bound to happen. Our flock has expanded yet again.

In May I volunteered to help Little Hen Rescue rehome ex battery hens by rehoming hens from our garden. It was a very emotional experience, watching the hens go to their forever homes with keen, kind and very excited folk. It was heart warming to say the least. With the help of a friend and family members, we rehomed 94 hens. Unfortunately there were also a few hens off their legs, basically just too weak to rehome at that point and needed TLC. They were all put safely together on blankets, given food and water and then taken by a friend of ours to be cared for one to one.

After the long exhausting day I was full of mixed emotions. Elated for the hens that were sleeping on straw for the first time in their miserable lives, sad for the hens still enduring the battery farm and missing one of the poorly girls. I just could not get her from my mind, she kept me awake at night thinking about her. Of course, I knew she was being well cared for but my mind kept drifting back to her. I kept in regular contact with their foster mum and was updated on how all the girls were getting on but it was not enough. I had to give her a home here with us and our other nutty ex batts.


So, now I have 2 new hens. Whoops did I say 2 how did that happen? I have named them Hope and Becki. Hope is the hen that I could not shake and Becki is named after a friend. Hope is walking well and very skittish. Becki is still lame on one leg so she needs a bit more care. They are bonding together nicely and will remain together until they are a little stronger before being introduced to Chrissie, Auntie Marge and Brenda.

They had a lovely day yesterday in the late afternoon sunshine, dust bathing on the lawn and soaking up the warmth into their tired out bodies. Its tear jerking watching an ex battery hen experience these simple pleasures for the first time. Although I have witnessed it many times before, it still gets to me.

Wish them luck.

9 thoughts on “More Hens

  1. It’s good to know that yet more hens have new lives away from the cruelty of the battery system. I took the plunge and emailed Little Hen Rescue but they don’t do Wales :(


  2. Thanks so much for trying Jo xx
    LHR did try and set something up for Wales but getting regular transport was proving tricky. Also, the recent hot weather would be a problem with hens over heating on route. A lot of hens have already been rehomed, at the end of this month that farm WILL be cleared for good!


  3. Sending good luck to your new additions, I hope they make a full and speedy recovery. Keep up the good work. :-)


  4. Hope the new girls settle in well – wishing them a speedy recovery. It’s a wonderful thing you’re doing for them.


  5. Ahhh I wondered if you would succunm….

    I am very tempted, especially now I have super duper new henhouse courtesy of lovely Compostman…..

    Well done you ;-)


  6. Hiya!

    Well done you for sorting the hens out there!

    We had one die the other day, very sad, one of the nicer ones.

    We’ll be getting some more possibly rescue hens to boost our flock a bit, next time the Brighton lot do their thing.

    I hope they recover fully, although knowing what you can do – I’m sure they’ll be more than fine!



  7. Thanks everyone. The girls are doing OK so far, will pop some new photos on soon :)


  8. Hi lovely blog great pics, I got 6 hens from LHR on the 23 may, it was a great feeling to liberate the girls, they are now happy on my allotment, and we get about 3 eggs a day! (bonus).



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