Sunshine Girls


Just a few photos of our two new ex-convicts soaking up the sun. Very pleased with Becki’s progress, the limp that she had has almost disappeared, I’m pretty certain that she was stiff from lack of exercise. New fresh feathers are already sprouting and both lay tiny little eggs.



What a big hat Becki has!




Its too soon to join some of the other girls, they need more rest to build up weak limbs and they both could do with gaining more weight. Some of their poops have been a bit iffy so they are being sent to a poultry lab for testing, just to be on the safe side. If anything is lingering then it can be sorted quickly.

I think they are enjoying life at our Battery Hen Haven!

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Girls

  1. It looks like they both have a great life now. I’m sure they appreciate it! Great blog by the way. It’s always nice to see a refreshing view from a proud gardener.


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