Simple Coleslaw


Large carrots, 5 should do it (use more if your carrots are small)

Half a white cabbage (add red cabbage too if you have it)



Peel and grate the carrots into a mixing bowl or salad bowl, whatever is to hand. Slice the cabbage slightly chunky for crispness, then add to the bowl. Put a few dollops of mayo into the bowl and mix well so that the grated carrot and sliced cabbage are covered then squeeze lemon juice over the coleslaw, add more if you like your coleslaw zesty like me.

And there you have it, simple, quick and tasty.

3 thoughts on “Simple Coleslaw

  1. I love homemade coleslaw, especially with homemade chips and really cheesy omelette.

    Have just found your blog as well and am really enjoying reading it too.


  2. Great site, just love homemade coleslaw. How about a slight twist too: Add a table spoon (I like it a lot but a tea spoon if you wish) of either english or dijon mustard mixed in, reallt great and spicy. Dave Buckingham


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