Our strawberries are ripening now but its a mad dash to get to them before the birds do! We are growing  Elan and Loran varieties. I must get round to building some sort of fruit cage, I’m not a fan of netting for one reason or another. How do you cover yours?

5 thoughts on “Strawberries

  1. I grew mine in a planter last year and didn’t bother with netting – I did loose one or two to the birds but I think the neighbourhood’s vast cat population stopped the birds from snaffling too many. Much as I hate what the cats do to my raised beds, I suppose there are some pros to living in a cat-dense area….. :)


  2. I use netting and I don’t like it. I look forward to seeing what you find, perhaps I’ll convert! Take Care.


  3. I’ve used build-a-balls and the posts that go with them to support netting and have pegged that down to stop the birds getting underneath. It has worked.


  4. I went for Strawberry ‘hanging baskets’, the birds don’t seem to touch them but they’re gaurenteed plenty of sun and so far are cropping well! It’s just a bit of a pain having to remember to water them everyday!


  5. Hi Pete

    The hanging baskets are a great idea, but im terrible at remembering to water!!


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